How To Knit The Bow Stitch – Free Knitting Pattern

This is a free pattern with quick and easy to follow video tutorial on how to knit the bow stitch. If you are looking for a new knitting stitch pattern, you can search no more because this bows are just amazing. I’ve discovered the pattern few days ago, tried it and turned out to be very easy to learn. Hope you will like it too.

This is a beginner friendly pattern that gives you a great opportunity to learn how to knit the bow stitch in the easiest way. Free knitting pattern comes with step by step video tutorial and written directions in both English and Russian languages.

This is a brand new stitch pattern that has a truly unique texture. The bow stitch would make some of the most eye catching and beautiful projects such as scarves, hats, cowls, jackets, sweaters or even blankets.

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Video tutorial