Fabulous DIY Ribbon Flower with Beads Tutorial – Video

Here is a pretty kanzashi ribbon flower with beads, flat at bottom that you can try for accessories, home and bedding, and fashion decoration. I have shared some different kanzashi ribbon flower tutorials that you can check them out if you want some little things to decorate kids outwear or accessories. To make some pretty ribbon flowers for embellishing a simple headband first you have to cut almost 2 inches strips of ribbon. Then fold a strip in a slanting manner as shown. 

Fold the horizontal end over the vertical end so that they meet and overlap each other as shown. It’s basic kanzashi skill, and don’t worry if you never try that, the video below is pretty easy to follow.

Video: Beezzy Mom Creations

Click the link here to get the free tutorial: DIY Two-tone Ribbon Flower with Pearls

DIY Embroidery Yarn Flowers with Cardboard Tutorial + Video

Make this hand Embroidery Yarn Flowers with Cardboard, another fun crafts you can make with your kids. My girls love them and here I found another one, but with some sewing skills. Embroidery is one of the basic skills in the past in China, especially for maidens on all kinds of silk embroidery work. Now time changes, but hand embroidery is coming back. I am fancy on Quilling, this beautiful yarn flowers you can make in any sizes you want, just change the cardboard diameter, you can decorate with all your crochet or knit projects.

Since flowers and leaves are probably the most common motif in hand embroidery, it’s good to have a whole arsenal of stitching techniques on hand. Instead of crochet and knitting, these make fab alternatives for crochet ones, easy and fun yarn crafts to use your leftover yarn scraps.

Watch video tutorial..